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Insomnia and binge eating

Udtalelse fra en udenlandsk klient 
(onine behandlinger via Zoom)
For years, I had issues with insomnia and binge eating, to the point where both were seemingly beyond me. As a result, it was hard to function physically and emotionally.
I've tried everything under the sun, from EFT to massages, from healing groups to therapies. And it was nothing like it is prescribed in the books; none of the popular treatments was effective for me. And only working with Zrinka in combination with hypnotherapy has helped me fully recover.
Behandling for søvnløshed og overspisning
Zrinka always creates a safe and heartfelt space. The best part is that you don't have to dig through your traumas and re-experience them. Zrinka guides the process, and you really don't have to do much. So in a sense, the healing part is effortless. You might feel bodily sensations like tingles or emotional release, but that's pretty much it.  And, in some cases, you might even feel the change and effect right after the session.
My eating disorder and this habitual compulsion are long gone. 
The sessions are not only healing-oriented, but they also help you find your path and teach you things about yourself that were lurking somewhere in your past or subconscious. So, in essence, you also get to know things about yourself that you might not have known otherwise.
Ruta, Litauen
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